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Good use of time or double billing?

It’s probably no secret to those of you who read my blog on even a semi-regular basis that I enjoy the WSJ.com Law blog.  Interesting info, with generally good comments.  And that’s where I found the grist for today’s post. Yesterday, the Law Blog posed the following hypothetical (subscription required): You are taking a three-hour plane […]

Fun Monday

Is “Fun Monday” an oxymoron?  Thought I’d share some humor today… Most of us can use it on Mondays: Legal Humour is just what it says — good legal humor, no lawyer jokes. Law Ha-Ha is Andrew McClurg’s brainchild.  Love it. And then there’s Law Laughs, which is more of the same. For dark non-legal humor, visit […]

Congratulations to the women of Kuwait!

This is off the ordinary topic, but today cannot be overlooked.  As readers likely know, women voted today in Kuwait’s elections for the first time in a national poll.  Without delving into the politics (or the socio-religious implications of the politics, or any combination thereof), this is a red-letter day for women in Kuwait and […]