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Relationship or one-night stand: how law firms view associates (and clients)

David Maister wrote a fascinating article titled, “Do You Really Want Relationships?”  He suggests that lawyers generally say we want relationships with our clients, long-standing interactions that tend to lead to more work in the future, more referrals, fewer challenges on billing, and more effective working relationships.  This, Maister describes as the “romance” view.  However, […]

More on (some) partners’ view of work/life balance

I recently posted about the negative view that some partners have of associates seeking work/life balance and suggested that perhaps transparency in employment is one answer to ensuring that those who want a “balanced” lifestyle (whatever that may mean) are able to find it in law firms composed of other lifestyle-focused lawyers.  I wondered whether […]

In defense of law firms

I woke up very early this morning, still thinking about the Young Lawyer’s Conundrum (article no longer available) I posted about yesterday and Schiltz’s concept that lawyers who go to law firms will end up engaging in unethical practice — indeed, living unethical lives — because of the law firm culture that pushes endlessly for more money, […]

Bad, bad blogger.

When I was a teenager and even as a young adult, I used to keep a journal. A big believer in fresh starts, I’d start a new journal whenever a major life event prompted me to think it was the right time.  A new grade in school, beginning college, beginning or ending a job or […]

Lawyers and Divinity School — leaving the law to do good?

I follow Worthwhile Magazine’s blog (no longer available) and found today an interesting story about God in the workplace.  According to the entry, numbers of workers bring God or spirituality or religion to their work, seeking an opportunity to contribute to the common good by bringing their values to their work.  The blog entry cites a New York […]