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Litigation pet peeve

It’s come to my attention again that many, perhaps most, litigators step all over one of my pet peeves.  My pet peeves aren’t a big deal to anyone but me, but committing this particular error should be. I hate, detest, despise hearing an attorney, especially a litigator in a jury trial, refer to his or […]

Working hard vs. working smart

Have you heard this distinction before?  All sorts of management experts talk about how people can work more efficiently, more effectively, maximizing the results of time.  Some of them even have good ideas. I’ve been thinking about what it means to say that practicing law is hard work.  I don’t have any question that it […]

Look for what’s right.

It’s often easy, and rather in vogue, to think that practicing law is a drain, a burden, incompatible with having a personal life.  Sometimes that’s true.  If it’s more often than not true for any individual lawyer, there’s a problem that needs a solution — a new way of approaching practice or managing your energy, […]

Emotional intelligence for lawyers

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the degree to which one is: *  aware of one’s own feelings, *  able to discriminate among those feelings and to manage them to faciliate appropriate responses, *  able to motivate oneself despite feelings of self-doubt, inertia, etc., *  able to recognize others’ emotions based on various cues, *  empathetic […]

Consistency in marketing, Guerrilla-style

I ran across a fascinating marketing tip sheet recently.  It’s written by Jay Conrad Levinson, who has achieved notoriety as the author behind the Guerrilla Marketing series.  What I found is the 15 Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing (no longer available). I will admit up front that I haven’t read a single Guerrilla Marketing book or […]

Peak or valley? Performing a realistic and meaningful self-evaluation

Just about every firm has some formal mechanism for evaluating associates.  The format varies, but the general idea is always the same: to collect feedback on how well each associate is performing and to pass that on to the associate, preferably with some comments about how the associate might improve.  Fair enough, except that the […]

PMBR Infringed NCBE’s Copyright

Though most readers likely took and passed the bar exam some time ago, perhaps this post will be of interest nonetheless.  This may be old news to some, but it was new to me… On August 22, Judge Fullam of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania entered an Order and judgment on behalf of the National […]