Each lawyer is unique.
So is each path to success.

1382310Edward v. The “Dirty Word”

One of Edward’s biggest obstacles to building a book of business was his discomfort with the idea of “marketing.” This is a common challenge with lawyers, who often perceive marketing as somehow unclean.

The first step in working with Edward was defining his ideal practice. This includes such elements as the kind of work and clients he wanted, the hours invested, and desired income level. Then came the creation of a customized business development plan for reaching his goals. This includes identifying proven successful client development tactics that could be further refined.

Like many lawyers, Edward wanted to attract clients based on his legal skills alone. It was necessary to get him to agree on the fundamental need for marketing to grow his book. Working with him to focus on strategies for “selling with integrity” helped ease his discomfort.

An introvert, Edward was uncomfortable with networking. He found it to be “a waste of time that never bears any measurable results.” By reframing the purpose of networking, targeting ideal places for him to network, then developing systems for following up with those contacts, yielded new clients within two months.

Verdict: Removing the stigma and playing to strengths yields a consistent flow of new clients

By working his business development plan, taking on new activities and reaching out to the right people made Edward a more profitable attorney inside of six months. Developing strategic routines has kept his marketing operational so he consistently brings in new clients and referrals. Edward is well on his way to reaching his ideal book of business and his desired income.


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