Learn How To Treat Your Law Firm As A Business

There are some skills they don’t teach you in law school. Unfortunately, these are the skills that actually impact your ability to thrive in practice.

Sales. Client Management. Attorney Marketing.

Skills like these are the key to building a law firm as a business and mastering these tools will allow you to build a foundation for a sustainable law practice that is also financially successful.

The problem for many lawyers — you may be one of them — is that you’ve been led to believe there’s something inherently wrong with actively seeking clients through attorney marketing.

It’s as though the simple act of asking a client for business (which is how you make money), somehow makes you the equivalent of an ambulance chaser.

The key to treating your Law Firm a Business

There’s a dirty secret that your law school professors never told you. And that is, whether you’re a sole practitioner or one of hundreds in your firm, you actually do have to get clients if you want to build a sustainable and profitable business.

After all…

• How else can you succeed as a lawyer?
• How else can you earn a living?
• Most importantly, where can you learn the attorney marketing skills you need so your practice can thrive?

That’s where Lex Innova Consulting & Attorney Marketing comes in.

Julie Fleming Attorney - Marketing Law Firm as a BusinessMy name is Julie Fleming, and I’m here to help you fill in the gaps of your legal education.

As a fellow lawyer, I’ve experienced first hand the havoc that ensues when a law firm or lawyer doesn’t understand the importance of attorney marketing, sales and client management.

It’s why I have spent more than six years teaching these foundational tools to help lawyers at all levels treat their law firm as a business and master the art of building a sustainable and financially lucrative law practice.

Because the truth is, it’s just not enough to know how to practice law. You need to understand how to make a living while doing it. Most importantly, you need the tools to be able to do it.

It’s time to learn a new way to practice the business of law.

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