Law Firm Business Development: A Manifesto

Legal education hasn’t evolved much over the past 100 years. So what happens when simply understanding the “practice of law” isn’t enough for today’s lawyer?

It used to be okay that a law degree didn’t include education on marketing, sales, client acquisition or even the day-to-day running of a law practice.

Most lawyers went from law school straight to a firm where they didn’t have to focus on where the money to pay their salaries was coming from.

Most could simply show up, do their work, pay their dues, and feel fairly confident that as long as they worked hard, they could rely on job security as they worked towards becoming partner.

In essence, becoming a lawyer was about choosing a profession. It was about building a career that would always be in demand.

The Keys to Business Development For Law Firms

Business development for law firms has changed dramatically. Welcome to the new way of practicing law.

We no longer view lawyers only as white-gloved professionals. Lawyers must now learn law firm business development to remain sustainable.

• Where we embrace law firm business development as the foundational key to our ongoing financial sustainability.

• Where we create our own paradigms for how we want to live our lives and run our practices.

• Where we acknowledge that having a law degree and being a great practitioner is not enough if we want to thrive.

Here’s Some Good News Regarding Business Development for Law Firms…

The days of “it’s enough just to be a great lawyer” are over. The days of “doing what everyone else is doing” are gone.

Why is this good news?

Because it means that you now have the power to create a legal career that is precisely as you want it to be.

You no longer have to play by anyone else’s rules. Now is the time for us to usher in the new way of practicing law firm business development.

After all, the world has changed since the rule of law was created. Isn’t it about time we lawyers do the same?

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