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1382310Rena v. An Abyss of Time Mismanagement & Disorganization

A junior partner with a big firm, Rena was experiencing challenges in time management and organization—enough so that she had missed filing deadlines.

Since Rena believed that skills in time management and organization were not prerequisites for career success, she had never developed them.

However, since assuming the additional responsibilities of partnership, she was learning otherwise.

Rena described her office as cluttered and a “dump” in which papers were routinely lost. Besides missing filing deadlines, she was also mortified at the idea of taking a vacation. She didn’t dare face the massive workload awaiting her return.

By examining areas in which Rena was losing time, and learning how to schedule blocks of time productively and use various systems, Rena solved the problems of missed deadlines, missing files, clutter and no time away.

Verdict: Better time management leads to better work—and actual vacations.

Missed deadlines are a thing of the past. So is working all night to complete a last-minute filing. Vacations are no longer a dreaded experience. Rena’s new systems and time management skills allowed her to take a two-week vacation, returning to the expected, heavier-than-usual workload, and clear it all within three weeks. (When we last spoke, she was planning another vacation.)


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