If we’re going to be working together, I think it’s best for you to know what to expect from me and what I’d expect from you.


I work best with high-achieving lawyers who are eager to grow a strong and sustainable practice, who are willing to try new experiments and to take on activities outside their comfort zone, and who are committed to getting desired results by doing the necessary work.

I treat our work as collaborative. A team effort that only succeeds when met with equal effort by both parties.

Venting is encouraged, but I refuse to enable those whose venting turns to whining. When that happens, I believe in action.

I also love lawyers who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and have a great sense of humor. My ideal clients take a “no excuses” approach to their professional and personal lives.

I expect clients to be fully engaged in the consulting process.

That means:

  • Keeping appointments
  • Being prepared for appointments
  • Holding to action plans
  • Taking full responsibility for the changes you want to make, the skills you want to develop, and the behaviors you want to cultivate.
  • Moving relentlessly toward the ultimate goal that fits your desires

I’m ready to get started