Each lawyer is unique.
So is each path to success.

1382310Jack v. Leadership Challenges

Following a lateral move to another firm, Jack became the firm’s only lawyer in his substantive area of practice. The firm asked him to help develop that practice further.

Doing so was going to require improving Jack’s time-management, business-development, and practice-management skills.

Within 10 months, Jack was contributing more to the firm than appropriate for a non-partner. The firm’s founder had launched another business that was taking him out of the office. Jack was picking up the slack in client service and communication.

Recognizing opportunities for improving the firm, Jack made appropriate recommendations. He was told the practice lacked the funds for implementation. Compounding Jack’s frustration was the fact that he’d put in many hours towards client development, resulting in increased revenue for the firm, but no extra compensation for him.

Working to create a clear and dispassionate description of the situation, and what would be a fair resolution, we worked with Jack to prepare for the conversation raising and negotiating potentially difficult points.

Preparing and debriefing Jack for conversations with the firm’s founder, Jack was able to negotiate acceptable compensation, and make a convincing argument certain expenditures would increase productivity and client service.

The Verdict: Aggressive business development and diplomacy make Jack a skilled asset.

Jack has continued working for the firm, is learning more about the business of operating a law office, and is implementing an aggressive business development plan. He’s also comfortable broaching difficult topics with the head of the firm, and is skilled in finding workable solutions to the various challenges he faces.


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