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(In the interests of client confidentiality, all testimonials are quoted anonymously.)

Because of Julie, I’m the rare lawyer that feels secure in his position at a big firm—and I have a better home life.

Julie Fleming has what I look for in a coach. She gave me ideas and a framework for building my practice my way. She inspires confidence and faith. Without the help to focus myself, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I’ve doubled my business almost every year.

This was a big deal for me. I was never fully confident until working with Julie.

Julie’s not going to tell you anything you don’t already know. What she’s going to do is connect things for you and give you confidence. I get tons of value.

Working with Julie makes me feel comfortable, inspired and galvanized, empowered and capable of doing something that’s really, really daunting.

Julie is very accessible, practical and relatable.

In the context of a large law firm, she gets the environment and understands the dynamics. And she offers really creative and sincere ways to get new business.

I recommend Julie hands down.

Since working with Julie, I think differently. She’s opened my eyes. I think about business development all the time. I think more strategically.

Julie’s suggestions are not typical, out of the box, one-size-fits-all. She comes up with a custom tailored process just for you. She doesn’t push cut-and-dried tasks on you like some other coaches. She has you do what makes sense for you.

I have a contact at a Fortune 50 company. I needed to know how to get over that uncomfortable hump and ask that contact, ‘Where’s the work?’ She explains how to do it so it doesn’t come across as aggressive. It comes across as, ‘When you need us, we’re ready.

Julie makes you accountable to yourself.

Since working with Julie, I love my job. It’s all encompassing. It’s so much fun, I want to celebrate.


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