"Every lawyer needs to know: being good at
the law is no longer enough..."

“Julie is a highly polished speaker

with impressive command of her subject matter and intelligently-conceived and executed supporting program materials.  In addition to distilling her subject matter into a series of effective tips, she was also comfortable on her feet, taking questions from attendees, and answering fully, and with ease.  I would not hesitate to invite Julie back to speak for my organization.”

 – Jared D. Correia, Esq.,

Senior Law Practice Adviser
Law Office Management
Assistance Program

Julie Fleming frequently speaks
to bar associations,
law schools and big firms.

She specializes in speaking about building a book of business, especially useful when addressing a big firm’s associates and junior partners—those rising stars whose legal genius would benefit from having an equal genius at marketing and sales. The rising star has already invested in a law school education. The firm has invested in the rising star. We’re now talking about providing the synergy that turns the rising star into a prize-winning attorney who has the business production savvy to be a firm’s prized asset.

Julie’s signature presentations can be customized to any length, from a 45-minute keynote speech to a full-day workshop.

Her core thesis: it’s no longer enough just to be a good lawyer. Thriving in the new economy requires understanding the business of being a lawyer.

Julie also understands that many lawyers find the idea of sales and marketing distasteful. One of the key points she helps lawyers understand that it’s distasteful only if it’s dishonest.

When approached from a place of authenticity, integrity, and understanding one’s own strengths, and how they can benefit a prospect, things change dramatically. A lawyer goes from feeling unclean to feeling empowered.

Julie’s most popular
presentation topics include…


Fire Up Your Business Development

Putting a fire in your book requires playing to your skills and your personality. Learn the secrets of creating a business development plan that fits your practice and your preferences.

By viewing business development in a way that honors your personal strengths, you begin to improve client service—increasing the likelihood of repeat business and client referrals.

Want to feel good about asking for business? It all starts with Lighting Up Your Business Development.


Overcoming The Four Common Stumbling Blocks To New Clients

It usually starts in law school: we fall victim to myths about when, whether, and how to pursue business development. Believing even one of these myths dooms new client acquisition.

Overcoming The Four Common Stumbling Blocks To Getting New Clients explains the four categories of myth entrapment, debunks them, and offers tips to harnessing the true power in building a thriving practice.


Time is Money: How To Harness—And Monetize—Your Most Valuable Asset

Can you imagine ending each day knowing you’ve done it all? At the close of business, you’ve handled everything that came your way. And in the process, you’ve honored your values and the life you want. Of course, chaos will come. But you’re adept at managing it and restoring order.

Understanding and mastering seven fundamental time-management principles in the context of your law practice changes the way you understand the clock.

Time is Money: Harnessing—And Monetizing—Your Most Valuable Asset is about reshaping the way you use the hours in day. It reduces your stress level, increases your productivity, and makes time for the things that matter most in your practice—and in your life.


How to Serve Your Finances And Your Family

The popular notion of a “work/life balance” is a problem: it creates competition between your work life and your family life. The two should not be inherently competitive.

Instead, the secret is work/life integration. Learning the power of work/life integration is a key leadership competency. And implementing the steps to achieve better work/life integration improves your law practice, personal life, and other commitments. You learn How to Serve Your Finances And Your Family—having a better life both at work and at home.

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