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4 Articles You Need to Read

I’ve found some interesting articles to share with you this week. How One Company Worked to Root Out Bias from Performance Reviews An audit of performance reviews in a midsized law firm revealed four patterns of racial and gender bias. The authors proposed changes to the evaluation form (breaking job responsibilities into competencies and requesting […]

How’s your biz dev plan?

How do you know when your business development plan is well designed? It may be an easy answer when you have new business flooding in (as long as that flood is due to your effort rather than good luck), but when you’re working and you don’t see new business as an immediate result, what should […]

Get productivity help!

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s an “app for that” when it comes to productivity, you’re going to love the resource I’m sharing this week. Visit this page to view a list of apps and websites that help with the following productivity needs: Notes and Capture Journaling Mind Mapping Storage Time Management Task Management Email […]

What’s the story about your value?

I’ve written over and over and over again about creating value for clients. Value matters in business development too, of course. Check this quote from Seth Godin that puts marketing into the context of value:   How do you tell a story about your value? Case studies? Data and statistics? White papers or other kinds […]

5 Ways to Identify Topics for Writing & Speaking

One of the best ways to build your reputation as being skilled in your area of practice is through content marketing. Offering articles, blog posts, presentations, and the like that are centered on your practice area and that share substantive information useful to your audience highlights your knowledge, adds to your credibility, and shares something […]

What can you learn from cell phone carriers?

Pop quiz: why are you a customer of your cell phone carrier? Take a second to answer. Got it? You likely gave one of these reasons: Your carrier is the cheapest (price) You’ve been with the same carrier forever with no reason to change (inertia) Your carrier offers an advantage that others don’t (distinction) Legal […]

Motivation and action

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about a task you need to complete and wishing you could just get yourself motivated to do it? That happens especially with tasks that don’t have a specific deadline, and even more so if the task isn’t one that feels like it comes naturally. Business development tasks are one […]