Blawg Review #142: Letter to a new lawyer

Susan Carter Liebel of Build a Solo Practice LLC is the host for Blawg Review #142.  Styled as a Letter to a New Lawyer, Susan has done a masterful job of delivering advice by using the titles of the legal blogs that have featured such letters this week.

Here’s a short taste of this week’s review:

And then there is the actual work. You may be nervous you don’t know the law and have to spend an entire Day on Torts because you have no mentors and you get a case which requires real Legal Juice from a seasoned veteran.  Mentors abound.  You just have to ask.  Find an affiliation which works for you. There are more lawyers like yourself looking for the same things then you realize. Or you may be a Mediator in the Making or want to be a PT Law Mom or you can be the Black Sheep of Philly Contract Attorneys discussing unionization of contract lawyers. Alternative ways of doing legal work will happen. Recognize not every lawyer wants to practice law in the traditional way.  Not every client wants to hire lawyers in the traditional way.  This is a reality which must be faced.  So be creative.

This Blawg Review is a grab bag of sorts, since you won’t know the topic of any post until you click on it.  Kudos to Susan for such a useful and lighthearted Blawg Review!

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