My favorite question to ask is, What one thing could you do this week that would have the most significant effect on your practice? Distraction and a divided focus can undermine any effort. And if your efforts take you outside your comfort zone, trying to do too much at one time generally results in little or no movement.

Your business development plan will incorporate multiple activities, but choosing one high-value focus per week (or month or quarter, depending on your plan) ensures that you make significant headway. What’s more, making the decision about which activity is currently the highest value will prompt you to evaluate your plan and to keep it as a living document instead of a one-and-done plan that stays on the shelf.

Pull out your business development plan right now (if you don’t have one, perhaps we should talk) and choose one activity to focus on this week. It might be as large as working on an article or a presentation, or it could be as targeted as setting up a conversation with a key contact. Whatever it is, block out the time on your calendar and complete that activity this week.