Why did you start this blog?  After I decided to transition to coaching, I wanted to explore my own thoughts about the law and lawyers.  As my practice has progressed, I’ve come to see the blog as a way to reach out to people and share ideas that may help to improve someone’s practice, career, or overall life as a lawyer.

Is this a work/life balance blog?  Not really.  For starters, I don’t care for the term “work/life balance” because I think it’s misleading.  (And yes, I do use the phrase as a category… because that’s the term most people expect to see in discussions of how professional and personal life overlap and merge and impact each other.)  I do address “balance” or “work/life integration” topics because making professional and personal life work together is, in my view, a competency for practice.  After all, as the blog title says, it’s all about life at the bar, and that requires full engagement, not a sense that it’s possible to divorce practice from the rest of a lawyer’s life.  Each impacts the other.

What do you do other than blog?  A lot!  My business is in coaching lawyers on the topics I address on the blog, among others.  I also speak on issues like time management, work/life integration, professional development, etc., and provide training on those topics.  I work with legal support staff especially on time management and productivity.  And because I enjoy practicing, I continue to practice law on a (very) part-time basis with the Atlanta firm Federal & Hasson.  I’m also active in the ABA Section of Science and Technology Law and currently serve as Editor-in-Chief of its quarterly publication, The SciTech Lawyer.  My full CV is available on my website here

I spend most of my time in Atlanta, where I live with two German Shepherds and one very spoiled cat.

What is coaching?  Coaching is a way to develop skills, to explore opportunities and make decisions, and to step up performance to the next level.  Here’s more information.  The explanation I most prefer is that coaching is a relationship in which both parties are dedicated to the development of one of them, with the goal being for the client to attain sustained excellent performance.  The relationship typically plays out through telephone calls (I generally recommend 2 calls per month, each lasting about an hour) and email/telephone support on an as-needed basis between calls.

Who do you coach?  I work primarily with law firm lawyers (associates, partners, and of counsel).  Most of my clients work in large firms, though I also work with lawyers in small and mid-sized firms as well.  Some law firms sponsor (that is, pay for) coaching for their lawyers.  Each client is searching for a way to improve his or her practice, professional development and advancement, or career. 

What are your fees?  My fees are customized to meet each client’s needs, so there’s no “rack rate” that I always offer.  In addition, I reserve a few “sliding scale fee” client spots for those who are a great match and unable to afford my ordinary rates.

Is coaching with you right for me?  The only way to know for sure is by talking to me.  I offer a free consultation that will let us get to know each other a bit so we can decide whether we’re a good match.  I’ll also get a sense of the areas you’d like to be coached on, and if I’m not the best resource for you, I’ll refer you to someone who’ll be a better resource for you.