Happy holidays!

I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have had (or perhaps are having) a marvelous, restful time with friends and family.  I naively thought I might induce my two dogs to wear their holiday finery (a reindeer headpiece, as seen here, and a Santa hat) and get them to pose in front of the fireplace, so I could post a “happy holidays” entry complete with canines.  Suffice it to say that the dogs were none too impressed with their holiday gear, and sitting still was not on the agenda.

Many who can do so elect to take some or all of this week off, and I’m joining suit.  As we continue the 10-day Lawyers Appreciate…  2007 campaign, please take some time to consider what (and whom) you appreciate.  If you’re moved to add your comments, please do!  Sharing appreciation is good for the spirit.

For my part in the appreciation festival, I truly appreciate each person who drops by the blog and those who comment.  I appreciate the lawyers who take on cases and causes, and I appreciate the Internet and the blogosphere for making the legal community connected in a way that would have been completely foreign even a few years ago.  I appreciate the professionals who support my practice (both the legal and coaching practices), and I appreciate my clients.  And I appreciate Stephanie West Allen for sowing the seeds with me to birth a bouquet of blog-based appreciation.

I’ll have one more post to share this year, reflecting on some themes and plans for 2008.  In the meantime, what can you do to bring 2007 to a successful close?

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