If you’re feeling anxious about biz dev

I have a couple of resources to share with you this week that will be especially helpful if you’re feeling anxious about the results of your business development effort or about how you can get the work done given all of your other commitments.

  1. Seth Godin, The Opposite of Anxiety. Godin suggests an exercise to reduce anxiety, which he defines as “experiencing failure in advance.” It’s more than thinking positive; it’s imagining the desired outcome and then checking to see whether your plan is good enough to support the outcome.
  2. Scott Behson, Relax, You Have 168 Hours This Week.. If you’re feeling stressed about fitting business development work into your busy schedule, read this article. Behson suggests a sensible but transformative way of looking at time.

Enjoy the reading. More importantly, apply what you learn from it.

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