Lawyers Appreciate… A 10-day countdown

Welcome to Day 1 of the 10-day “Lawyers Appreciate” countdown!

Stephanie West Allen, the voice behind Idealawg and TrackKnacks, and I have been corresponding for some months now.  One of the many topics we’ve discussed is our shared desire to launch an appreciative look at the law, lawyers, and practice in the legal blogosphere.  And that’s how the “Lawyers Appreciate…” countdown was born.

Here’s how it works:  Stephanie and I are each inviting 3 legal bloggers to join the countdown.  We’re asking them to post a blog entry that begins with the words, “Lawyers Appreciate…” and then to invite 3 more bloggers of their choice to do the same.  We’ll keep this up for 10 days, until December 31.  Can you imagine the swell of appreciation that will be generated by the end of the year?  Talk about riding the wave into 2007!

I’m sending my emails now.  So keep your eyes open for appreciation, creativity, and an adventure… Because Lawyers Appreciate!

Readers: How would you complete the sentence?  Your comments are, as always, welcome.

Updated: Visit here for a list of all “Lawyers Appreciate…” posts.

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  1. The Common Scold
    The Common Scold says:

    Lawyers appreciate the December sun on Lake Wonoscopomac that creates nuanced blue sparkles and creamy clouds; the joys of talk and silence; a winter day curled up on the sofa with the dog and cat; peppermint ice cream; James Taylor’s liquid silk voice; Manhattan’s surprises and Princeville’s green. Happy New Year.

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