Legal Business Development: January’s Must-Read Resources

We’re all swamped by information these days, but I’ve cut through a lot of that to unearth just three whitepapers and articles you need to read.  Without further ado:

  1. Lawyers ought to blog for an audience of two.  I often discuss blogging with my clients, whether they’re in large firms or solo practice.  Blogging is a terrific way to build a reputation and relationships, and it creates a body of work that you can draw on in numerous ways.  The pushback tends to be twofold: what can I write about, and how will I find time to write it? Keep a list of topics that would interest your ideal client, and check out this article for some “how to write” tips. Writing a note to one particular person simplifies the process and is more useful as well. Even if you aren’t a blogger, read this article for its insight into content marketing generally. It’s quick.
  2. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Selling Anything.  The article’s overall points are strong, no nonsense, and a very doable “good human” take on selling.  And, like most lawyers, this author has an initial resistance to the idea.  It isn’t what I would call a “cheat sheet” (don’t look for a numbered action-item list) but it might just shift your attitude about sales and your understanding of the underlying dynamics.
  3. Is Your Law Firm Looking to Hire an SEO Consultant?  This whitepaper is intended for small firm and solo lawyers, but SEO is such an important topic that you should read it regardless of your practice setting.  It suggests 7 questions to ask an SEO consultant, and question 1 (which addresses in part the easy-to-overlook ethical considerations in SEO that spill over into many aspects of marketing) is critical for you to keep top-of-mind.

Have you found a resource I should have listed?  Please share!

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