I’m always delighted to find a new resource that makes my life easier, and so this week I’m offering you a few of my favorites.  I’ve used each of these myself, and I hope at least one will prove handy for you.

  1. online computer back-up system:  A couple of years ago, I suffered through three hard drive crashes in about 6 months.  I try to back up my files to an external hard drive regularly, but sometimes I slip up and forget. is an inexpensive Internet-based backup system that operates automatically.  When my Outlook file got corrupted a few months ago and I somehow had neglected to back up those files to the external drive, Mozy rescued me from disaster.  I think of it as cheap insurance.  Be sure to consider implications before backing up privileged information.
  2. Basecamp:  Getting the “to do” list out of my head is critical.  It’s easy to forget something important otherwise, and it’s a waste to devote valuable attention to trying to remember “must do” items.  Basecamp is an easy, web-based solution that will allow you to access your lists anywhere, and you can share your list with others (perhaps an assistant) if you so choose.
  3. HIghtail:  When you need to send large files, Hightail is an easy solution.  You can choose from several service levels, including a free option that offers only basic function and more advanced levels that offer password protection, tracking, and more.  Again, be sure to consider whether to send privileged information in this way.
  4. Online relaxation and meditation timer:  Practice can be stressful, and sometimes a short break can make all the difference – not just in your stress level, but also in your productivity.  “My Free Guided Meditation” allows you to set a timer for 1 to 60 minutes, accompanied (if you like) with a selection of relaxing music.  It’s an easy way to design a quick, time-limited break.
  5. Healthy meals, cooked for you.  Too busy to cook, and sick of the same-old, same-old options?  Look into prepared foods for pick-up or delivery.  In Atlanta, I like Fresh’n’Fit, which offers a 1200- or 2000-calorie option for neighborhood pick-up or overnight delivery.  Similar services are available in most metro areas — for instance, I’ve heard wonderful comments about Seattle Sutton, though I’ve never tried that service.  (Try a Google search on “healthy meal delivery service” and your city to see what’s available.)  Though these options aren’t inexpensive, it’s a much better alternative to night after night of greasy take-out.
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  1. Michelle Salater
    Michelle Salater says:

    Thanks for these resources, Julie. I’ll have to check out Ta-Da Lists. Sounds like something I could benefit from.

    I’d like to add something to the list: Central Desktop. We use it to communicate on the status of large or ongoing projects. We also use it to track time we spend on a project. Central Desktop saves us a ton of time and prevents communication glitches.

    Thanks, Julie

  2. Britt Urbach
    Britt Urbach says:

    Those are some excellent resources that definitely seem to work for the body, the mind, and the soul. I personally like the Online relaxation and meditation monitor. I always have trouble finding relaxing music when I work.

    I used to use an African travel company’s website (which had music playing on the homepage) as my meditation music in the background while I did work. I got sick of it though since I listened to it all the time! Now I have other options.

    Thanks for the great resources–I’m going to try each one out.

  3. Julie A. Fleming
    Julie A. Fleming says:

    Michelle, thanks for adding your recommendation of Central Desktop! I’ve heard terrific things about it, and I’ve been considering it for my team’s use.

    Britt, glad to hear you like the music. It’s good to have some options!

  4. Damien Whitehall
    Damien Whitehall says:

    Thanks for the links! YouSendIt has been extremely helpful for me on several occasions, and I’ve been considering using Mozy. I’ve never used Ta-da, but I’ll have to check it out.

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