If you aren’t practicing the business of law, or didn’t know that it was a necessity, then I’m glad you’re here.

The truth is that it’s no longer enough to just be a good lawyer. To thrive in this new economy you must also understand the business of law.  You must learn how to “make it rain.” You must become a rainmaker.

What is a rainmaker?
They are the ones who help bring the money into your organization. The ones who help bring in the new clients. The ones who keep your potential client pipeline full.

If you want to become a rainmaker (or a better rainmaker), you first have to know how effective your efforts are right now.

Take the Law Practice Profitability Audit, and I’ll email you a detailed, personalized report that will reveal your rainmaking strengths and weaknesses, plus what steps you can take to build the book of business you want more quickly.

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