Conquer Procrastination!
How to Manage Your Time
to Build a Profitable Practice
and a Rich Personal Life



Have you ever… 

  • Attended a meeting and planned to follow up with one or more new contacts…  Then let the time slip by without getting in touch with any of them?
  • Spent several hours at the end of the month completing your time sheets, promising yourself that you’d stay on top of them this month?
  • Wanted to write an article that would help to develop your reputation for being highly skilled in your field of practice, but never got past the brainstorming phase?
  • Found yourself working late into the night to meet a deadline that you’d watched creeping up, planning to start working on the project “tomorrow” until you hit the deadline?
  • Missed (or almost missed) a deadline?
  • Skipped a personal commitment because you were too busy, even though if you were honest about it, you know you had time to complete the work and just didn’t get it done?
  • Read that procrastination in performance or follow-up was the second most common alleged error in legal malpractice claims in 2008-2011 (the most recent years for which data is available) and found yourself sweating a little?
  • Kept an email you wanted to read or respond to in your in-box so you wouldn’t forget about it…  And then lost that important email among the hundreds (or even thousands) or of other emails cluttering up your in-box?

Procrastination can have dire consequences for you and even for your clients.  Deep down, you realize that procrastination is keeping you from realizing your goals and adding to your stress even if you aren’t experiencing significant consequences.  And yet, almost everyone procrastinates sometimes.

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