5 Ways to Generate Content that Get You Noticed, Connected and Hired

I was a guest on my friend and colleague Jory Fisher’s BlogTalkRadio show last week.
 After talking with numerous clients who were experiencing writer’s block, Jory and I agreed to discuss content generation:  why to create content (meaning, generally, written or oral information relevant to your practice that you share with an interested audience), how to use your content, and what to do to make the creation simple.  Here’s the show description:

There it is…  The blinking cursor on the empty screen.  You need to write a blog post or article, to put together your next presentation, or even to come up with something witty and thought-provoking for social media.  You’re stuck–but you can escape the pressure.

In today’s market, “content is king”.  Whether you write or speak (or both!), the information and expertise that you share is the key to getting found by your ideal clients and the media, gaining entree into the right business circles, and landing new business.  Join us to discover five simple ways to ramp up your content generation and how to use the content you create to advance your business.

Generating information that is useful to your target audience and that showcases your knowledge and skill is a key way to market your practice…  But sometimes, it just seems like a pain to do.  And sometimes, even when you’ve put in the effort and produced the content, you may wonder how to make the most of it.

Five Easy Ways to Generate Amazing Content will show you how to create great content easily and how to use content you create for maximum effect.  Although the interview was focused on women entrepreneurs of faith (Jory’s client base) rather than lawyers specifically, every bit of it is applicable for legal business development.

The interview is some of the best content I’ve offered in quite some time, so be sure to check it out.  In the meantime, here are the 5 ways to break writer’s block and streamline your content creation:

  1. Read a daily news source or blog (Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review blog, your local business journal) and find ways to relate your business/offerings/message/purpose to at least one story daily.  You may not choose to use what you come up with, but it’ll get your brain moving.
  2. Keep a list of client questions and case studies.  Bonus:  make it your habit to write down one story each day, something that has occurred to you or a client or contact, and relate that to your practice.  Always watch for teachable moments.
  3. Read blogs in your area of practice and watch for ideas with which you disagree.  You can add your two cents as a comment on the blog or through your own blog, article, etc.
  4. Track what people are discussing on social media that’s relevant to your practice.  Expand the topics and offer your perspective.
  5. Make a prediction:  what do you see trending in your industry or with your clients?  Then connect the dots for your audience by recommending how they can take advantage of changes or avoid upcoming problems.

If content creation is a part of your business development strategy (and, almost without exception, it should be!), download the show and give it a listen.

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