Are you willing to sacrifice to build your practice?

Are you willing to sacrifice to build your practice? The only way to answer that question honestly is to weigh the sacrifice against what you expect to gain as a result. This quote from Simon Sinek offers a neat summary:

What might you sacrifice? This answer will be unique to each person, but common responses include time, energy, money, and missed social and professional opportunities.

What might you gain? Again, answers will vary, but lawyers generally expect increased income, more professional opportunities, more control over their time and their career, and increased professional and personal satisfaction.

When you’re clear on what you may sacrifice and know that your anticipated gain is sufficiently appealing, it’s easier to decide to keep going when it would be easy to stop. Alternatively, if the gains you expect aren’t worth it, you’ll decide to stop more readily and with more certainty.

So… What are you sacrificing to build your practice? What do you expect to gain? And is the gain worth it?

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