Bad clients and bad news

There is such a thing as a bad client…  Tom Kane’s Legal Marketing Blog inquires, Are Bad Clients Keeping You Up At Night?  If you have bad clients (or wonder whether you do), the answer is surely yes.  Tom draws from a post on the Bootstrapper blog to help identify bad client characteristics and to suggest how to fire them.  (And if you conclude that a client isn’t a bad client, but an unrealistic one instead, consider these ideas for managing the representation to decrease the chances that your unrealistic client will morph into a truly bad client.)

What would Churchill say?  Maybe instead of dealing with a bad client, it’s delivering bad news that’s keeping you up.  An article, by Arthur D. Burger of Jackson & Campbell, uses Churchill’s 1940 speech reporting that the Germans had defeated the French army to illustrate how lawyers might responsibly and effectively communicate bad news.  In short: be frank about the news (especially if the news is the result of an error the lawyer made) and offer a plan that addresses the next steps.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan…  This isn’t a political blog by any stretch of the imagination, but this story can’t go unnoticed.

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