Do you use social media effectively?

If you’re using social media for business development purposes, you know that it can be a strong opportunity – or a black hole that will steal hours and energy and return absolutely nothing in the way of business results. As with so many other tools, your results have nothing to do with social media itself but rather with how effectively you use it.

If you’d like a primer on how to use social media well, read The 7 Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing. It’s a quick read that makes key points about how to use social media strategically and time-effectively.

Can you grow your practice without using any social media? Absolutely. Can your efforts be magnified with appropriate use of social media? Absolutely. Especially if you’re creating or curating information that your potential clients and referral sources will find helpful, social media can help you increase your reach without blowing a lot of extra time. The 7 Essential Elements will get you started or help you correct course. Go read it… Now.

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