Got Purpose? (If you want a successful and satisfying legal practice, your answer had better be yes!)

I recently started listening to podcasts again after getting out of the habit for some reason. (Isn’t it interesting how even successful and enjoyable habits can erode if we don’t stay on top of them?) My new favorite is a podcast that’s also available via video: Good Life Project, by Jonathan Fields. The Good Life Projectpresents a weekly deep-dive interview with an entrepreneur, artist, author, or thought leader. The interviews are educational, informative, and often moving.

As I was pulling into my garage after a 90-minute drive last week, I was listening to Fields’ interview of Simon Sinek. Sinek’s story and insights (covering storytelling, leadership, impact, service, and purpose) were so fascinating that I sat in my garage for another 15 minutes, too spellbound to move. Here’s why…

When you connect what you do with why you do it, you fuel your efforts.

Why do you do what you do? I’ve written before about the importance of connecting with your “big why” to help propel you even when times get challenging in your practice or in your business development efforts. And that’s important, especially when you need some extra motivation to power through the tough spots.

Perhaps even more importantly, feeling a sense of purpose and service will embolden you to go further than you otherwise might, because it’s the right thing to do.

My clients are sometimes reticent to get in touch with a new contact (potential client or referral source) for fear of seeming too pushy or annoying. And I get it. On occasion, I’ll have a consultation with a potential client who will promise a return call and then disappear. In the past, I wouldn’t follow up with that person because I didn’t want to pressure someone into a decision. I still don’t, but I now follow up because I can’t let something as important as moving ahead (or not) in building a book of business slide just because I’m uncomfortable. Being of service demands that I follow up.

A sense of service outweighs discomfort every time.

If you’re working to grow your practice, if you’re a leader in your firm, or if you’re feeling a hollowness in your career and life, listen to Sinek’s interview. You won’t be sorry.

Also, ask yourself the question Fields asks to close each interview: What does it mean to you to live a good life? Are you doing that? If not, how is your practice (and your life) affected?

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