How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is, de facto, the preeminent social media platform for professional purposes. As of May 2014, LinkedIn featured over 300 million mostly professional users, growing by two new members per second. (Read this article for 100 staggering statistics about LinkedIn.)

How can you construct a profile that stands out? I happened across a really nice infographic this week that offers 10 Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile. I’m planning to review and revise my own profile this week, based on some of the suggestions—how about you?

And speaking of LinkedIn, I’m a little disheartened to see that people continue to make the same error in requesting connections now that they were making two years ago.
I know none of you would do this, but please pass the word around… Way too many of our colleagues just aren’t getting the message.

How do you use LinkedIn? Do you have questions about how to use it effectively? Drop me a note, and if there’s enough interest I’ll write an article or whip up a webinar to answer the top questions.



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