Should you join the ABA?

The ABA is offering a free trial membership, including membership in one substantive Section, if you join by January 31.  Whether you’re looking to develop your substantive skills, to add another activity to your bio sketch, or to build new relationships, the ABA offers tremendous benefit. I’ve been active since I was in law school, holding a variety of leadership positions, and it’s been an unequivocally good experience. If you aren’t a member, check out the offer. (And if you’re wondering, no, there’s no benefit to me if you join.)

If you’re wondering why bar association membership might be beneficial for you and how to go about getting the maximum benefit, check out this blog post from 2008. It’s one of my most popular articles.

Finally, if ABA membership isn’t right for you, consider whether another group might be. Perhaps a bar association or industry group heavily populated by lawyers that focuses on your practice area (AIPLA, for example) would be a better match.

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