Profitable Networking

Having a robust and well-tended network of contacts is a professional necessity. Whether you’re looking to grow your practice, to find a new position, to join a club (literally, or a “club” of highly-regarded writers, speakers, etc.), or just about anything else, you may find that your success depends on knowing people who can facilitate the process of helping you get what you want.
Having a strong network requires, of course, the act of networking. But networking is somewhat unappealing to many peoplenot least because if not done well, it’s nothing but a massive waste of time.
What’s a would-be networker to do?

Start by reading this Q&A recently published in the Washington Post. Although it’s directed to an established attorney who’s fielding networking requests from people who seem to want something, it by implication carries good points for the person making contact with someone he or she would like to get to know.

Need more pointers? The Reluctant Rainmaker includes a chapter on networking, you can find more suggestions on the Fleming Strategic blog, or if you’d like to design a strategic networking plan and hone your skill, schedule a complimentary consultation with me here.

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