Staying Committed To Your Business Development Goals

As you’re no doubt aware, on Monday (the 17th), the U.S. observed its annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a holiday intended to encourage Americans to serve their communities in honor of Dr. King’s legacy.

What you may not know is that Monday was also Blue Monday, the date on which it’s said that post-holiday letdown, the demise of New Year’s resolutions made without the foundation of a well-considered goal, dreary winter weather, and the prospect of another year made difficult by the ongoing pandemic combine to create the most depressing day of the year.

I hope you haven’t felt the full effects of Blue Monday, but over the years I’ve noticed that this is about the time when lawyers with newly focused on business development (especially if the decision came as the result of something external, like an annual review) feel their motivation waning.

There’s much to be said about motivation versus commitment. For today, I offer this quote and two simple questions:
  • How committed to business development work are you, really?


  • What would it take for you to shift from periodic motivation to build your practice to a commitment that will carry you even when you get tired, bored, frustrated, or distracted by your billable work?
Food for thought.
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