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Stephanie West Allen has tagged me to participate in the Gotta Get Goals meme.  The idea is to share 5-10 over-the-top, fabulous goals that I will need to achieve to say I’ve reached my wildest dreams in life.  Now, that’s fun!

I’ve always kept goal lists in one form or another, simply because I think it’s critical to define what I want to accomplish as a first (and, often, continuing) step of my actions.  I’m sure many people have heard this analogy, but if I get in the car and just start driving without any aim, I may end up in Miami when I would have much preferred Calgary.  (There’s a place for exploration without direction too, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.)

One thing I’ve already learned as a result of this meme: some authors encourage goal-setters not to share their goals with others!  Stephanie cites a small $3 book called It Works, which sets out a 3-step process for reaching goals — the third step being not talking about the goals until there’s some objective evidence that you’re reaching them.  I’m not sure what I think about this one, having experienced terrific results in the past from goals that I discuss on a regular basis, and for purposes of this exercise, I will spell mine out.  And, I’ll put them in the form of an affirmation, which always helps me recognize that my goals are achievable.

1.  I am really, really healthy.  Suffice it to say that everytime I urge a client to add exercise, eating well, and sleeping enough into his life, I’m urging myself as well.  And I’m pleased to say I’m now working out three times a week on average, with associated weight loss, so this goal is well underway.  (So perhaps this isn’t a “wildest dream” category, but it’s certainly the bedrock for the wildest dreams.)

2.  I speak Italian.  It’s such a beautiful language, and I’ve always wanted to learn it.  My desire has been refueled by Elizabeth Gilbert’s delightful Eat, Pray, Love, which I’ve been reading recently.

3.  I have completed my mother’s book on woman suffrage in Wyoming.  After spending more than 20 years unearthing the details on how women got the vote in Wyoming in 1869 (some 50 years before national female suffrage), my mother prepared a manuscript exhaustively detailing the story.  She died before she finished it, and I’d like to pick up that torch.  It needs to be told.

4.  I enjoyed walking a marathon.  However, I have NO desire to run one.

5.  I’ve spent a vacation hillwalking in Scotland, followed by a retreat to Iona.  I’ll also continue my study of Scottish history, which fascinates me.

6.  I sustain an ideal balance between coaching and practice, and I have an entirely referral-based business on both sides.  I have a number of associated goals here, but no need to go into that detail!

7.  I have earned my ICF credentials.  Step 1 of this is a short-term goal, as I expect I’ll get my ACC credentials this summer.

I’ll stop there, since 7 is a ripe number.  I tag anyone who chooses to accept the challenge — and if you don’t have a blog, feel free to list your goals here as a comment.  Play along!

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  1. Stephanie West Allen
    Stephanie West Allen says:

    Great, Julie. I can’t wait to see each and every goal achieved.

    I wanted to clarify something. The little book It Works (now in its 31st printing) is not the only place the advice to keep your goals close to your vest is found. Many of the New Thought writers advise the same thing. I have heard the two schools debated frequently.

    I am looking forward to reading your mother’s book when it is completed by you.

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